Dear frustrated office workers,
9-5ers and you if you feel there's
something more to life but you
don't know how to find it.

Finally! How to transform yourself from a struggling office-bound caterpillar into a beautiful free butterfly who can live the life of your dreams, do everything you ever wanted, be who you were always destined to be, and be paid handsomely for it without having to spend years and $$$/£££ retraining, holding yourself back in doubt and guilt or even risking your current financial security.

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Why attracting the life of your dreams without
sabotaging yourself isn't as easy as most life
coaches, teachers and gurus make it out to be

Do you feel confused with all the different life coaching information out there?

You've read every self help book there is. It's made some difference but it's not revealed that one nagging thing. The thing that is your reason for living. You've been on courses and you still feel that hole within, the courses couldn't fill or find it. You may have even had life coaching, and yes, it's great and useful but it doesn't locate that itch you have so you just can't scratch it, and it's burning you up. Without knowing what your true dharma (your true purpose) is, you could go round in circles all your life trying to "be" someone that just isn't you, and that will only make you unhappy, maybe even depressed. You can only find your dharma by understanding Who You Really Are, and then it all slots into place, and you finally feel peace.

Are you worried that if you find your true dharma (purpose), you'll have to leave your current life, become a monk and earn no money ever again?

It's normal and OK to be worried. When 9 out of 10 new businesses fail in their first year, statistics aren't on your side. When going back to University isn't an option because you can't afford to take three years out, you can't even rely on qualifications to turn your life around. When you hear stories of people working 70-80 hours a week and getting nowhere, it's hardly inspiring, is it? And when some of the "success" stories are from people who have given up their homes and travel round the world in a van, well, if you're a home-bird like me, you'd run the other way, wouldn't you? You need to be inspired by people just like you, who are stable and able to balance their work and home life.

Do you wonder how on earth anyone can make good money and live an abundant life in this era of recession and austerity?

The most wealthy 1% of the world has made it more tricky now than ever to live the life of your dreams and also be paid handsomely for it. If your country is in recession, you may even feel guilty at the thought of earning good money, and are stopping yourself becoming magnificent because of that. Imagine thousands, millions of people just like you suppressing their full potential that could really make a difference in this world just because of guilt!

Do you feel like you're stuck between a rock and a hard edge? You worry that you'll be left without an income if you change your career now, and there are so many things to pay for that you can't risk it?

In these days of financial scarcity, you may feel so scared to leave the security of a job you hate to follow your dreams because you've been programmed to think you will suffer or even die if you make that change. Without taking risks, you get nowhere, but if you take the wrong risks, or do it not in an intelligent way, it's true... you could really suffer and may end up unable to feed your family or lose your home. But then again, how can you live another day with your soul crying out for change?

Do you worry there must be something wrong with you because you keep trying to change and yet you get nowhere?

Changing your career is one thing, but you may be having all this anxiety over your relationship status, body or any other huge part of your life, and it's so much harder than you first imagine. You have unique "files" or "programs" within your subconscious that will over ride any conscious decisions you make if they aren't the aligned. So you decide to become self employed but you can't motivate yourself and you stay stuck in neutral until you give up and go back to your 9-5 job that you hate. You decide to lose weight but you feel so down about it you distract yourself with unhealthy choices that keep you being unfit and you carry on judging yourself for being a failure. You really want a relationship but somehow you always attract emotionally unavailable people to you and eventually you feel like giving up and resigning yourself to a life of loneliness even though you desperately want to be loved and held all night long. Even when most of your life is working for you, you simply don't know how to make these dysfunctional bits different, and feel exhausted because you've tried everything you know of and nothing's helped.

Are you simply overwhelmed and even cynical? Surely we should just put up with what we've got, after all, we're not starving and we have a roof over our heads, don't we?

I hear this. A lot. "I don't know what I want, I'm just not happy and I don't know why and that makes me angry and hate myself because I should be grateful." So many of us have been programmed to be compliant members of society, to not tap into our infinite creating expansive mind and to reject the gifts that the Universe keeps trying to offer us because we should be grateful with what we've got. What we've got! Paid slavery! Why on earth would you want to be grateful for that? Do you really believe you don't deserve better? Who ever told you that and you believed them?

Do you think nothing you try will make a difference because you've already tried everything, and to be honest, you're pretty exhausted with it all now.

"The Law Of Attraction doesn't work for people like me" "I'm not cut out to be anything special" "I'm scared of failing" "I'm scared of succeeding" These are just some things that people say to me on a daily basis. The best one though, is this: "It's alright for you". That one I have to laugh at because it is alright for me, they're right. Unqualified in my new field, I turned over millions of £ / $ and gained the respect and love of many clients while breastfeeding as a full time single mother.

Who am I and
why should you listen to me?

Life transformation course Shazzie

From the breakfast bar of Shazzie, TV Presenter and Life Transformation Expert

If you’ve ever considered “going solo”, or want to know a little bit more about how discovering your true self could radically transform your life then can I suggest you read every word of this letter?

My name is Shazzie and I’m a TV Presenter, author of five books and have blogged since 2000.

When I was 30, I discovered the real me underneath the frustrated corporate bod that had existed for almost decade before. It wasn't an easy choice to leave a paid job, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way. You may recognise some of my struggles in yourself. I am not telling you about my journey to boast that "I've made it" but to let you know that when you feel there's no light at the end of your tunnel…. there really is. There really is. And I want to show you it...

Before I discovered my purpose,
I felt frustrated and depressed

I was a designer (web, software user interface and branding manager) before I started my own business. I travelled the world, had a great social life, thrived at the cutting edge of technology, got paid really well and had everything I could possibly want. Yet I felt wrong, frustrated, depressed and scared I was going to grow old "with my music still in me" because I felt self-employment felt way too risky for someone like me.

I spent some time designing for charities and organisations that I believed in, but it didn't stop that gnawing feeling that I was destined for something bigger. Something huge. But then I worried it was just my ego pushing me and I should be happy with what I had. But I couldn't be. What I had wasn't going to make me happy. In fact it was making me so unhappy I would sometimes cry in the toilets, with this thought repeating itself over and over again "I don't belong here, I have to get out." I felt trapped. Even with all its many perks, I couldn't discover who I really was in a 9-5 job that made me feel like I was slowly drowning. I felt confused, muddled, scared, and I didn't know who to turn to for help.

I was made an offer I couldn't refuse

Stuck in a dream job that felt like a nightmare, I was offered redundancy due to a major office reshuffle. They didn't want me to go, and said they'd find a role for me somewhere. I wanted to leap and saw this as a message from the Universe that it was now my time to shine, which I just couldn't do while I was "employed".

I told my parents and they said I was away with the fairies. I'll never earn that much money again, and I should stay employed to make sure I can keep my house and my car and my lifestyle. But no matter how much sense they made, I was listening to my calling, which had started waving at me every time I closed my eyes.

I leaped, and the safety net appeared

Though I felt scared stiff that I'd end up homeless, unable to pay my mortgage, and unemployed, I had crossed "The Bridge Of No Return" and there was no going back for me now. I had made a contract with myself to see this thing to its end. To step into my own magnificence. To reclaim the unseen. To reveal myself to me, and the world.

I took my redundancy money, just £8,000 (About $12,000) and breathed a sigh of relief. I was free. I thought "I'll never have that much money again" and quickly realised that I was still limiting my ability to become truly abundant.

With that money, I started a business, still designing for software companies because I didn't know what else to do. Yet on the side, I allowed my new self to reveal herself to me. I became a blogger in 2000, and I now have one of the world's longest running blogs. My words of inspiration reached millions. I wrote some books. I started a company inspiring people to change their health and wellbeing with unique life changing products. I turned over many many millions, even employing my parents who once told me I was crazy. I sold that company. I got my own TV show that's broadcast throughout Europe, which helps people find a healthier lifestyle.

At aged 43, I paid my mortgage off and I retired. I now only work two hours a week on average. I live in an eco-house (the house of my dreams) in Sussex, UK with my free range daughter. I'm surrounded by so much love and happiness, those empty corporate days are a grey and distant memory. I have made it. Not in a private jet sort of way because that stuff really turns me off, but in a sustainable I can help others kind of way. That's what really turns me on.

Following my dreams turned me
into an internationally sought after transformation superstar!

Shazzie TVSince I found my purpose I've been featured in the media hundreds of times, talking about the stuff I love:

TV shows: The Active Channel (Presenter), Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC Four, Good Food.

Radio stations: Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio London, many local stations.

Newspapers and magazines: Closer Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Green Parent Magazine, Vegetarian Living, Yoga Magazine, Get Fresh Magazine, That's Life Magazine, The Independent, Woman Magazine, The Guardian, The Observer, The Eastern Daily Press, The Sunday People, Style Magazine, What Medicine?, Natural Beauty and Health Magazine (USA), Natural Health And Beauty Magazine, Time Out (Dubai), Yoga Magazine and many more.

My plan worked!

And because I'm an obsessive writer, I did something wonderful... I wrote down my very own (rather strange but true) formula for success so that other creative people could make it too.

The ultimate life transformation plan finally revealed

Imagine a transformation plan that:

It took me years of studying, researching, refining and wasting thousands of £s and $s making mistakes before I got my formula watertight. If I'd had Divinity In A Box when I got started, things would have been much simpler and cheaper for me. Some of the advice I took before I worked out this system left me with little money in my pocket and anxiety that I'd have to take up an office job again, with my tail between my legs. Thank goodness it can be different for you because, for the first time ever, I'm making all this information available to you with this Divinity In A Box home study course.

Let me help you find your purpose
the simple and quick way

After all these years, I've discovered that there are 3 key steps to revealing your divine purpose without worrying about going down the wrong career track, spending a fortune on coaches, or failing and having to go back to the office!

1) Discover who you really are

Make a list of all the positive things you've done or been or wanted to be in your life. Take time remembering, but don't think too hard. The feel-good feelings should be there waiting for you to access them.

When you write them down, you will already start to remember Who You Really Are, and you may feel shaky or emotional (that's OK, it's good!).

Think of one of the things you wrote down and play it as a scene in your head with you as you are now in the starring role. Imagine the colours are vivid, as bright as you can. Overlay positive words onto your scene as you repeat it over and over. Bring your face closer, and picture yourself being really happy, full of life and glowing like when you were a child.

Do this over the next few days with all the different items on your list and you'll begin to get a real feeling of Who You Really Are Now.

2) Be super aware of your thoughts

This is one of the biggest spiritual practices you can have.

Remember when I thought "I'll never have this much money again"? Well, I'm glad I caught and corrected myself because (as in the words of The Alchemist) "The Universe might be listening and give you less next time".

When you master your thoughts, everything changes. Immediately.

Here are some examples of thoughts you can change today when discovering your purpose:

I don't know who I am = I am so happy that the real me is being revealed

I can't do this because of X = Even though X exists and is really important to me, I am doing this for my own happiness and spiritual growth, and everyone will benefit.

I'm scared of change, what if I fail? = I love change, it opens up more opportunities for me.

And so on. Do this just for 24 hours and write in your diary how different it has made your day. Then do it for, oh, only the rest of your life.

3) Move from Duality Hills, across The Bridge Of No Return and live in Unity Mountain

This is a huge concept that will change your life forever, and I explain it fully in Divinity In A Box (where you get the time to really work with it), but I wanted to give you a flavour of it here so you can start practising it right now.

Most adults in our world are living in Duality Hills. We’re trained from a very early age to stand there, being detached from our emotions and real needs. Do you perhaps remember being told: “Stop crying and you can have a sweet”? As adults, we pacify ourselves in more damaging ways; the very convincing, “If I do an extra ten minutes at the gym, I can have another glass of wine” being a prime example. Seeking to fill that hole inside ourselves in this way tends to lend itself to unbalanced relationships, work in unfulfilling jobs, and then go binge drinking at weekends, and so on.

When you begin to discover the divine you hiding under that painbody, you may find yourself moving from Duality Hills and crossing The Bridge Of No Return. This can feel shaky, and as you look at all the security and comfort you are leaving behind, you may wonder if you’re making the wrong choice. But the bridge has a very specific name for a reason because once you have got to the midway point of it and can see Unity Mountain, you can’t go back, no matter how many times you try.

The Bridge Of No Return is tricky to negotiate, and you will sometimes turn to Duality Hills and wistfully wish you could return. You can hardly believe the paradisiacal image of Unity Mountain is real. It can’t be, it must be a trick...but you can never go back. You must cross, no matter how “painful” it feels to leave Ye Olde 3D Worlde behind.

Start thinking about the things in your life that make you feel whole, happy, relaxed, expanded. These will move effortlessly with you to Unity Mountain as you change. Think about the things that make you feel sad, scared, shaky, contracted. These are things that you will leave behind as you cross because you want to, yet some things will change, transmute, as you do, because you still want them in your life. So if you are in a toxic relationship, you can imagine that in Duality Hills now, and also imagine "my loving relationship" in Unity Mountain. As you change, you'll either get a less toxic partner or your current relationship will significantly improve.

You can practise this with every aspect of your life, and it's a great guide to show you where you are with all aspects of your life. Once you know what needs working on, you can use the other tools in Divinity In A Box to make the shifts needed to permanently reside in Unity Mountain.

Life transformation courseThe most creative and inspiring
"get out of the office"
guidance ever created

This proven, manageable step-by-step plan will help you become Who You Really Are and get out of the office quickly and simply. It's the nearest I can get to holding your hand at your desk as you embark on the transformation of a lifetime. I’ve only been able to develop this plan as I’ve worked closely alongside thousands of people who have embarked upon the journey of real deep transformation. Divinity In A Box has every base covered from workbook exercises and motivation to psychology and relaxation.

Here's what's included in Divinity In A Box


Seven Days to Divinity Workbook1) Seven Days To Divinity
(The main workbook)
(PDF): Value $147

This is the equivalent of an intensive seven-day workshop with me, and I recommend that you treat it as such. Take seven consecutive days where you have at least one hour free study time, and several hours to integrate the information. If one day is too much for you, you can repeat it the next day, and then continue the course the following day. I also recommend you redo this course every three to four months as it will help you create further positive change in your life. This workbook will become your life's roadmap for ever.

This is no ordinary workbook -- it's my finest workshop material laid out for you. If you have been to any of my workshops, you will know that I leave no stone unturned in my quest to transform you into the divine being that I know you are. Using the very same content and tips that are jam-packed into this workbook, I have had a whole room of people crying, and then laughing! Are you ready to fully get in touch with your inner being?

Shazzie's Divinity Statements

2a) Shazzie’s Divinity Statements:
Your Twelve Step Program To Becoming A Divine Being
(PDF): Value $97

Shazzie's Divinity Statements

2b) Shazzie’s Divinity Statements:
Your Twelve Step Program To Becoming A Divine Being
(12 x Audio files): Value $97

12 audio files of the above divinity statements. You can use them instead of reading, but I recommend you use them alongside each other for deeper and faster transformation.

Statements Workbook

2c) Shazzie’s Divinity Statements:
Your Twelve Step Program To Becoming A Divine Being
(PDF Workbook): Value $77

This workbook accompanies the audio and PDF guides to help you in taking each life changing step. By documenting your twelve steps in this workbook, you will create change quicker in your life.

Shazzie affirmations

3) Divinity In A Box Audio Series
(6 x MP3 audio affirmations)
Value $77

Three recordings by myself, each about 30 minutes long, available as affirmations set to music, or as subliminal files set to natural sounds and frequency 528 for DNA awakening. While Divinity In A Box was mainly designed for you to change your work life, the techniques in it can be used for any aspect of your life that you're feeling stuck with. These powerful audio recordings cover the top subjects that people most want to visualise and manifest: love, wealth, and health.

>Used regularly, these affirmations will fill your mind with positive information about your subject of choice.

I Am With My Twin Flame (affirmations to music and subliminal)

Are you beyond the game of matching up with someone -- seeing if your assets, children or job descriptions are compatible? Do you feel in your bones that you are really ready for The Big One? Not just another partner to reflect your beliefs or ideals, but your twin flame to complete and reflect your gloriousness? If so, then this is the affirmation set for you.

I Am Wealthy And Wise (affirmations to music and subliminal)

Some people say we are living in abundant times, but it may not feel like it to you. Or maybe you do attract wealth yet know there is further to go? Or maybe the idea of creating your own financial reality is new to you? Either way, this recording will offer you the coaching and encouragement to branch out and discover your true dharma.

I Love My Body And My Self (affirmations to music and subliminal)

As we grow older and our bodies change, we can let the programming of our foreparents play out. We may find ourselves talking negatively to the mirror in a way we would never talk to our friends. Even for the very young, body image is too-often distorted and self-hate can creep in, sometimes with very painful results. I have created this recording for anyone with weight, self-esteem or body issues. When used regularly, you will see and feel physical shifts in your mind and body.


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Divinity In A Box

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Raw food journalInfinite Love: A rare live talk by myself
(MP3 audio): Value $67

Raw food audioPhilospher’s Note by Brendan Brazier
(Audio and PDF): Value $17



Discover your purpose course offer


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Are you ready to get out of the office and do what you love but are worried that Divinity In A Box is too good to be true?

Don't worry! Really, I've got that bit covered for you. I am offering you a NO RISK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED guarantee. You can try my system for the next 30 days to see if you get the results you deserve.

If you use the protocols I've included in this system for the next 30 days and they don't help you discover your life's purpose, just let me know. I'll happily return every penny of your investment.

No questions asked and no need to prove you tried and failed.

I'm not scared to take on all this risk myself because I know my system works. It's worked for thousands of people worldwide, and it will work for you.

Divinity In A Box

Once you click the buy button, just fill in your details, following the simple instructions.
Once you've done that, you'll be able to instantly download the whole course.
Go through the course one day at a time, for seven days using all the support tools provided. Then, as if by magic, you will know your divine purpose!

Is this course right for you?

Just how committed are you to discovering then delivering your unique gifts to the world? How committed are you to getting the results we've just been talking about? If you're not really committed, if you don't care if you stay in a job you hate or isn't paying you what you want, then please stop reading this now. This course isn't for you.

If you are committed to discovering and living your divine life's purpose, keep reading.

Why is now the best time for you to take action?

Many people say to me "I'll change my career when the recession stops" or "I'll do what I really love when the kids have grown up" and I look at them! Yes, I give them THAT look! That means "I'll start loving myself in a time that doesn't exist". This isn't self love, this is self harm! The only time to do anything is NOW! We are on the edge of a planetary emergency. If we don't discover and deliver our divine gifts now, we might never have another chance. Your planet needs you to step up and step into your magnificence now. Self love, self respect and self care are the order of the day. Only now, do we have the chance for personal and global transformation. Only ever now.

You just can't expect better results when you do the same thing over and over again...

If you don't want to discover and live your true path now, that's OK but please consider what will happen if you put this off. You may continue to suffer with problems like:

And that's OK. Really, it is. I know how tempting it can be to procrastinate and put this off. I suffered for years, ignoring all these problems and more and it's because of that I'm committed to helping other people like you to stop procrastinating and move forward into a happier and more fulfilling life.

When are you going to be ready
to change your life?

If you're like me, the answer is simple:

Enough is enough. Right NOW, it changes.

So, if you've had enough,
and you are ready for change,
then discover your life's destiny with me now

You deserve to feel good, happy, full of life. You deserve to be living the life of your dreams. You deserve to spring out of bed every morning knowing today is the day you make a positive difference to someone or something. You deserve to feel radiant, like a beacon leading the way. You deserve to enjoy everything about yourself. You deserve to have a clear mind, a healthy body and a positive outlook. You deserve to love yourself and your life, unapologetically. You deserve the very best life has to offer you. And you deserve to do this now, and for the rest of your amazing beautiful divine life.

I believe in you. I know you'll make the right decision.

Divinity In A Box

Bliss U

TV Presenter, author and transformation mentor

What you say

"Shazzie is inspirational, she looks incredible, walks the walk and shares all her fabulous ideas like a true sister!"

-- Janey Lee Grace, UK, TV and radio star

"It has helped me IMMENSELY on the long, slow road to recovery from cooked food addiction, obesity, and other degenerative health problems. I'm making my third stab at raw and my first at 100% and it is just smashing."

-- Kristen, USA

Hello Shazzie,

Divinity in a Box is AWESOMABULOUS (he he he, I love making up new words too). Already worth 3 mazillion times its weight in gold and I haven't even looked at the actual workbooks. The affirmations alone have transformed my life for the better and transformed a would-be dull and 'wasted' drive to a client into a serious enlightenment moment, so many things have just clicked I feel like my head is in a chiropractic training academy.

-- Caroline, UK

"You know what... I've been on a journey for many years... detoxing, fasting, yogaing, doing enemas, colonics, juices, smoothies, raw, 7 day diets... yet I get the most amazing inspiration from you Shazzie! You are a light, darling and I would so love to hook up with you one day."


With the help of Divinity In A Box and Shazzie Speaks, I know this year is different for me... you are one of my great inspirations when it comes to healthy living, thinking and being. After one of my orders from your web site, I dreamt that you hand delivered my order and that made me laugh, it was obviously a very important order!!!!

-- Camilla Daniels, UK

Connect with me

I love to chat and give divine lifestyle tips, inspiration and advice when I can. Find me here:
My 14 year blog

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